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Commercial & Residential Disinfecting Services

EverWell provides advanced sanitizing & disinfection services near you & throughout New England. Being a Boston area professional disinfection company, we follow CDC guidelines to help your home and organization keep family, employees and customers as safe and protected as possible.
Commercial Disinfecting

We will help you create a routine cleaning schedule customized to your facility’s size and budget.

Residential Disinfecting

Keep your family and pets healthy and safe at home.
EverWell's disinfectant kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses within 4 minutes of contact!

Coronavirus Disinfecting

Ensure your employees and customers can safely and confidently enter your facility.
We follow CDC Covid-19 disinfecting guidelines!

Kids & Pets Safe Disinfectant

Our product is non-toxic and completely safe for the use around humans and pets. Safe even on food surfaces!

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services in Boston & surroundings.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services
General health and safety is something that you need to take seriously, whether it’s around your home or office. There are many surfaces that can harbor a range of germs and allergens. In many cases, simple home cleaning can only achieve so much. With our disinfecting and sanitizing services, you can be sure that your home or office is completely clean and safe. We can employ a range of techniques to properly sanitize many of the surfaces around your home or office, so that all germs and bacteria are effectively eliminated. Our services are perfectly suitable for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, offices and more.
Disinfecting Services
The disinfecting services that we provide are the perfect way to create a safe and healthy environment. There’s a range of germs and bacteria that can end up on many surfaces around your home or office that simple cleaning just won’t get rid of. Our disinfecting and sanitizing service will. We can effectively remove and eliminate a range of germs and bacteria that could otherwise cause a range of concerns, especially health ones. We use electrostatic application to ensure that surfaces are thoroughly covered. So, whatever you need to ensure your home or business is sterile and safe, we can provide it.
Home Disinfecting Services
We know that the health and safety of your home and family is something that you take seriously. Well, so do we. That’s why we provide a comprehensive range of home disinfecting services. Our experienced and professional service can help you sanitize and disinfect many of the common surfaces around your home that harbor germs, allergens and other harmful bacteria. By using our service, you can get real peace of mind and be 100% certain that your home is a safe and healthy environment for your family, including young children and pets.
Business Disinfecting Services
The disinfecting and sanitization service that we provide also covers a wide range of business disinfecting services. Your business can see a significant amount of people coming and going on any given day, including yourself and your staff. So, it’s important to ensure that you create an environment that safe and healthy, especially in the current environment. That’s something our commercial disinfecting service, including both our office disinfecting services and school disinfecting services, can help with. We can help you make sure that your office or working space is properly disinfected so you can create an environment that’s safe and healthy for everyone.
EPA Approved
Ensuring proper cleanliness and general health and wellbeing around your home or office should always be a priority, but that doesn’t mean it can come at the expense of safety. With our service, it never will. We provide an eco-friendly service that’s completely safe, and in noway harmful. The non-toxic disinfect services that we provide are EPA approved. So, if you are looking for a kids and pet safe disinfecting service, we are the service to call.
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