Why Should You Care About Using Pet Safe Disinfectant

Here's why you should choose effective pet-safe disinfectant products that are safe for your four-legged friends. Get in touch with experts at EverWell today!
Did you know that using strong disinfectants may be harmful to your pets walking into your facility? Are you using pet-safe disinfectants? Some of the commonly used cleaners have harmful chemicals and fumes. Using these products may unintentionally expose anyone, especially pets at your facility, to corrosive substances, toxic fumes, and even chemical injuries. Here are some of the common cleaning substances you may be using, and its dangers.


Bleach is corrosive and may even cause chemical burns. Pets experience skin irritation and fur damages when exposed to concentrated bleach. Since most animals love to lick their toes and skin, they may end up ingesting the bleach. This may lead to stomach irritation and vomiting.

If the bleach gets in their eye, it may also damage the cornea and ocular cells in their eyes. If there is a high quantity of bleach involved, the pet may need immediate flushing and emergency veterinary care.

Mixing any other chemicals with bleach emits toxic fumes like ammonia. These are very harmful to both humans and animals. Look at using pet-safe disinfectants to save them from these harmful effects.  

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide that has a 3 percent of more concentration may be poisonous to your pets. It damages their stomach lining and can be fatal in extreme cases. Your facilities can benefit from choosing eco-friendly professional sanitization services that 100 percent pet safe.


Did you know that the rubbing alcohol is two times more toxic for your dogs than ethanol? Common signs of alcohol poisoning are indigestion, low blood sugar levels, slower heart rate, difficulty breathing, and low blood pressure. Use environment-friendly disinfectants to keep your facility clean and safe for pets.

Phenols and Quats

Phenols are commonly found in bowl cleaners and essential oils. And quats in disinfecting substances like ammonium wipes and sprays.

When exposed to the eyes and skin, these compounds can cause corrosive injuries. If pets inhale these substances, it may damage their lungs and affect their breathing. Keep your facilities pet-safe by using eco-safe sanitization services.

Eco-friendly and Pet Safe Disinfecting and Sanitization Services

Let’s look at why you should opt for effective pet safe disinfectants and professional cleaning services.

  • Pet safety
  • No toxic fumes
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Removes 99.999 percent of germs
  • EPA approved to kill COVID-19 virus
  • Do not contain chlorine and bleaching agents
  • NSF D2 certified
  • Trained professionals that pay attention to all the frequently touched surfaces in your facility
  • Peace of mind
  • Better credibility and comfort for pet owners visiting your facilities

So then how can you keep your facilities clean without harming your furry friends?

Choose to Keep Your Furry Friends and Facility Safe

You can choose eco-friendly products and pet safe disinfectants to keep your facilities clean and healthy for your pets. For this, you need to select effective disinfecting products and use them carefully to ensure your pets' safety.

Reduce your pets’ exposure to harmful cleaners and chemical substances. Call in our cleaning professionals for eco-friendly COVID-19 disinfection and sanitizing your veterinary clinic and pet care facilities. Keep your space clean and your pets healthy. Get in touch with EverWell today!

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