Keeping Public Spaces Safe with EPA-approved Electrostatic Disinfecting Service

Keep public spaces germ-free. EPA has a limited number of products approved for disinfection. Reach our EPA-approved Electrostatic Disinfecting Service today!
Per the CDC, the flu season affects around 40 million Americans every year. In the current scenario, as the world combats with the coronavirus, it is more important than ever that public spaces remain clean. Several companies are turning to EPA-approved electrostatic disinfecting services to keep their premises and outdoors free of germs. Merely cleaning the surfaces will not be sufficient as the processes use water and detergent to push the contaminants down the drain. But sanitizers and disinfecting products contain antimicrobial pesticides and are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and respective state agencies. And one of the safest disinfecting methods is Electrostatic spray surface cleaning.

How does electrostatic spray surface cleaning work?

Electrostatic sprayers can be handheld or backpack, battery-operated devices that dispense mist through nozzles. The positively charged specialized liquid solution, when sprayed, clings to negatively-charged environmental surfaces. The atomized particles form an even coating on any surface, making this process ideal for hard-to-reach areas or awkward shapes.

Bacteria, mold, parasites, insects and viruses are among the various types of germs that can be eliminated using eco-friendly and revolutionary cleaning methods like electrostatic spray cleaning.

Benefits of EPA-approved electrostatic disinfecting service

Suitable for all spaces. The electrostatic spray disinfection method is perfect for areas that have a high risk of contamination. These include open-plan office spaces, buildings with high-traffic areas, childcare facilities or even food preparation facilities.

Disinfect in a matter of minutes. Although spraying may take place when there is no one around, the spaces are ready to be occupied in no time. The sprayed surfaces remain slightly damp until the proper dwell time is over, usually 2-4 minutes. Since the particles are electrostatically charged, they evaporate and leave behind no residue in the air. These benefits make electrostatic disinfection suitable for killing germs in public spaces.

Ensures cost savings. Since the method uses less cleaning solution than traditional processes, it is a cost-effective option. There is also no manual polishing, wiping or scrubbing, and hence, it is much cheaper.

More efficient cleaning. Manual or conventional cleaning methods involve the application of chemicals or solutions over the contaminated surfaces. These methods may lead to over application or missed spots or both. In contrast, electrostatic sprayers achieve an even coating.

Eco-friendly and revolutionary disinfection

Individuals or companies that choose EPA-approved electrostatic disinfecting service can have peace of mind knowing that minimal run-off or byproducts enter their surroundings. They can ensure green credentials and decrease environmental impact by switching to electrostatic mist sprayers.

They can eliminate more than 99.9% of contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. Contactless sprayers give the surfaces a thorough treatment with non-toxic mist. Thus, they can be used around kids, elders, people with allergies and pets without causing any damage to their health.

Get the most effective disinfecting service

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many U.S. businesses and individuals trust EPA-approved electrostatic disinfecting services to stay safer. Even airlines are enhancing their cleaning protocols with electrostatic procedures. Get non-disruptive, eco-friendly and revolutionary disinfecting service that delivers results in under four minutes. Contact EverWell today!

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