About Us

Hello, we’re EverWell

Our values are rooted in safety, consciousness, community, cleanliness and efficiency.
About Us

What we care about

Our top priorities are your health, your time, and the environment. The EverWell 3 - Step Protection System is a safe and effective way to eliminate house hold germs and harmful bacteria and viruses in just minutes.

Our Beliefs

Our homes are our safe havens and should be free from harmful germs and toxic chemicals.

We believe that cleanliness and safety go hand-in-hand; you shouldn’t have to choose between the two.

Our mission is to provide families with peace of mind and help people live healthy lives.

Our Values

Our values are rooted in:

Our mission is to provide families with peace of mind and enable people to live healthy lives.

Our Founder

Our founder is a father of 3 children, so he knows that germs are a reality in any family. He wanted to find a way to sanitize without compromising his family's health or jeopardizing tomorrow's environment.

When he finally found a solution, he wanted to share it with all families.

The result: Everwell.


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Keep your family and pets healthy and safe at home with EverWell’s Shielding Mist treatment, a quick service and eco-safe breakthrough compound that kills 99.999% of harmful bacteria and viruses within 4 minutes of contact.
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